Checklist Superannuation Pension case

1.      Form-3 detail of family (duly countersigned).

2.      Form-5 Application for Pension. ( with residential address / Telephone number)

3.      Form-7 Assessment of pension & Gratuity. Family pension. Duly signed by the Head of office / Department

4.      Form-1(A) Application for commutation, along with part III, duly approved by the Head of the office.

5.      Pension calculation sheet.

6.      Two slips showing the particulars of height and personal identification marks (not less than two) duly attested by Gazetted. Govt. servant.

7.      Single or joint photograph (5 X 8.5 Cms.) in triplicate duly attested.

8.      Three Specimen signatures or left hand thumb impression mark in duplicate duly attested.

9.      Last Pay certificate (LPC).

10. Service book duly updated along with the statement showing details & Non qualifying service spell and year wise break up

11. Disciplinary/Vigilance clearance certificate for Gr.A&B by DGM (A), Circle office and Gr.C&D by AGM (A) of Unit.

12. Entry in Service Book for payment of Pension & Leave Salary contribution for eligible retirees.

13. Retirement order.

14. No demand/No dues certificate by AGM (A)/DE (Admn) of unit

15. DCRG nomination (Form-1) duly attested.

16. Declaration for non-employment after retirement in case of Gr.A pensioner

17. Nomination for payment of arrears of pension

18. Nomination for payment of commutation of pension

( In the case of Non-optees)

19. Annexure C (CGEGIS one copy pre receipted) in duplicate.

20. CGEGIS nomination - duly attested.

21. Sanction for encashment of leave for Gr.A&B retirees by the competent authority (containing amount involved and number of days leave at credit).

22. Statement for verification of service & CGEGIS along with S.B. page number